Want to cleanse, detox, and regenerate your body with the power of raw living foods?
Try the 30 Day Raw Food Challenge!
This is for You if:
You Want to Use Well-Proven Strategies To: Lean Out, Build Muscle, & Cleanse Your Body.
Here's What's Included...
✔️ The Cleanest Dietary Regime for Humans Ever.

✔️30 Raw Food Training & Coaching Modules You Can Keep & Re-Watch Forever 

✔️ 1 Private Video Lesson Per Day from Ted Delivered Directly to Your Inbox

✔️ Private 30 Day RFC Inner Circle Access For Life

✔️ Ted's Ultimate 'Clean & Simple' Raw Food Recipe E-Book with over 50 Recipes

✔️ Ted's Mental Reprogramming Mp3 That He Uses to Re-Program His Mind Everyday

✔️ 8 PDF Guides to Print Out and Share with Your Friends & Family

✔️ Access to Private Raw Food Retreats and Festivals Throughout the Year at a Huge Discount.
"Exactly what I've been craving for, right timing with the right life style!" 
- Emma X.
"The accountability of being in the Inner Circle made the 30 Days seem like a breeze. I can now say that I'm eating the ideal way and feeling amazing because of it. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to give Raw a shot!" 
- Mathew D.
"Since taking the 30 day challenge, I've not only lost weight, but my organs and body movements are becoming more and more fluid." 
- Chad M.
"Your former life will take on the appearance of a dream, and for the first time in your existence your conscience awakens to real self-consciousness." 
- Arnold Ehret  
This is for you....
✔️ You Want To Learn How To Lose Weight While Sticking To Raw Foods.

✔️ You Want to Detox and Cleanse your Body.

✔️  You believe in the power of fruits & vegetables to heal and regenerate the body, mind and soul.

✔️  You want to master the fundamentals of the raw food diet & lifestyle. 

✔️  You want ongoing, day to day support, encouragement and reminders from encouraging people.

✔️  You want to be guided to stay totally raw for 30 days.

✔️  You want to learn the recipes, tips and tricks to stay Full & satisfied on raw.

✔️ you've ever tried to change something in your life for the better but found yourself slipping back into old comforting habits that no longer serve you.

"Without this course, I wouldn't have stayed on track. Ted made sticking to Raw very easy. " 
- Karen S.
"Finally, a raw food community where I can have raw foodists to share my thoughts with and see there's as well!! So far so good, I'm love this experience!! Living around no raw vegans is kind of lonely, but this makes the effort so much easier. Thanks Ted, and thank you guys for being so awesome!!!"
- Henry R.
Here's Just SOME of What You'll Learn:
✔️ Why Most Raw Food Diets Don’t Work And What To Do About It.

✔️ Why Eating Certain Raw Foods Can Destroy Your Health.

✔️ Clean & Simple Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Recipes.

✔️ Why Some Cooked Foods Are OK To Transition With.

✔️ How To Overcome Cravings.

✔️ The Best Body-Weight Exercises For Muscle Tone & Development.

✔️ How To Stay Raw In The Winter Or In Cold Climates.

✔️ How To Get Out Of Emotional Ruts In 10 Minutes Or Less.

✔️ How To Avoid Cravings In The First Place.

✔️ How To Prevent And Overcome B12, Iodine And Vitamin D Deficiencies.

✔️ Why A Higher Fat Diet Can Be More Beneficial For Some People.

✔️ Which Vegetables To Eat, And Which To Juice.

✔️ The Best Places To Live For The Raw Food Lifestyle.

✔️ A Complete List Of People Who’ve Inspired Me And Who You Can Learn From.
How to Get Started:
To get started, be sure you have your doctors permission to eat more fruits & vegetables. Once you know it's okay to do just that, click the button below and begin your wonderful journey!
“Although man has included meat in his diet for thousands of years, his anatomy and physiology, and the chemistry of his digestive juices, are still unmistakably those of a frugivorous animal.”
― Herbert M. Shelton, Food and Feeding

What is this 30 Day Raw Food Challenge?
This 30 Day Raw Food Challenge Is A Month-Long Online Private Video Course Created By Long Term Raw Fooder Ted Carr.

 It's For Those Wanting Cleanse & Regenerate Their Bodies While Getting The Support And Advice Needed To

Succeed On A Raw Food Diet. You'll Receive Daily Video & Email Lessons From Ted As Well As Get Support From The Community.

Succeed With The Raw Food Diet & Lifestyle Once & For All With Ted's Help.

One Thing I Know FOR SURE Is That If I Had Someone Helping Me Out When I Started Out, Like I'm Offering To Help You Here, I Would Have Gotten The Results I Now How So Much Sooner, Without Wasting My Money, Without Wasting My Time.

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What If You Had My Help With Improving Your Diet & Lifestyle Choices Over The Next 30 Days?

What Would Your Life Look Like Then?

Would You Be Crazy Not To Take This Offer Up?

Taking Into Consideration That I'm Offering A Full Refund On All Purchases If You Don't Get The Results You're After?

Can You See The Possibilities Of Your Diet & Lifestyle Habits Being Dramatically Improved?

I Think It's About Time You Start Looking, Feeling, And Eating Just Like You'd Ideally LOVE To Be.

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