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The following 12 classes will give you a step by step plan for starting a profitable vegan business in 30 days or less. 

Dusty & Erin Stanczyk

Certified Health & Wellness Coaches and Founders of Eat Move Reset teach you how to make an income with YouTube, affiliates, and retreats!

Jon Venus

IG Verified Celebrity Jon Venus Teaches You How to Sell Meal Plans and Coaching Programs While Growing Your Instagram.

Melissa Maris

Raw Food Romance, Author of Best Selling Meal Prep Books Teaches You How to Grow Your Instagram and Sell eBooks.

Chris Kendall

Founder of The Raw Advantage Teaches You How to Start Your Own Retreats & Merchandise Business.

Harley Johnstone

Controversial YouTuber and Vegan Athlete Shares how to Get Started with building your YouTube Empire!

Jamie Pounds

Founder of Daily Green Boost Teaches You How to Start Your Own Supplement Company.

Dr. Douglas Graham

Author of the 80/10/10 Diet and Public Speaker Teaches You How to Become a Social Influencer & Public Speaker.

Ariel Levin

Founder of Miami's Vegan Block Party Teaches You How to Launch a Hugely Profitable 1 Day Event In Your Area.

Kyle Benjamin Turner

Full Time Freelance Photographer & Online Course Seller Teaches You How to Go Full Time With Your Photography Skills.

Edelle Schlegel

Co-Founder of Miami Fruit Teaches You How to Launch Your Own E-Commerce Business.

Ted Carr

Founder of the Canada Vegan Fest Teaches You How to Sell 30 Day Cleanses & Challenges.

Drs. Rick & Karin Dina

Founders of Raw Food Mastery Summit Teach You How to Sell High Ticket Products Using a Masterful Email Campagins.

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  • How to Know Exactly What YOU Can Sell or Offer
  • How Boost Your Following With Organic, Engaging Content
  • How to Make People WANT to buy, And How to Sell Without EVER Being Salesy
  • ​How to Create eBooks, Video Courses, and Online Coaching Classes
  • ​How to Get Coaching Clients Easily WITHOUT Having to Chase Them Down
  • ​How to Run an Impactful Coaching Business without needing to be Certified...
  • ​How to Find YOUR Niche and DOMINATE it
  • ​How to Overcome Camera Shyness and Develop a Compelling On-Camera Personality
  • ​How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs So You Can Take Action TODAY
  • ​5 Ways To Make the Tech Super Simple, Even If You're NOT Techy!
  • ​How to Stay Laser Focused and Get into Flow states
  • ​How to Put Together Webinars That Bring in Thousands, Even if You're Brand New
  • ​What to Do With the Money You Earn (Hint: Don't Save it...)
  • ​The Quickest Way To Make Your First Sale & Make People Happy While You're At It
  • ​Workflow Hacks That Will 10X Your Productivity 
teacher reviews
Here's what the teachers had to say after giving their class:

How are these 12 vegan entrepreneurs crushing it with profits? 
the story
of how this summit came to be

From the Desk of Ted Carr
Vancouver B.C. January 5, 2020

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to live in beautiful homes, drive electric cars, have plenty of money, loads free time, and still seem to love what they do?

If you said 'YES!' ... I've got just the thing for you.

Here's why:

My goal is to help set you financially free.

My goal is to get you making a full time income from what you love - in the vegan niche - if you so choose.

I want to help you go from dreaming, to DOING.

So here's a quick story likely to inspire you to make the necessary changes in your life to get the financial results you're after.

This is exactly how I went from being broke and sleeping on the floor in my parents house...

To owning a Tesla and having my own place with more money than I need... 

All within in just a matter of days.

I was 27 years old & broke AF.

And as a raw foodist, I was struggling to afford my groceries.

But could you blame me?

Nobody had ever taught me how to make money before...

I received ZERO education about finances in school, on TV, or at home.

So after many years of being broke, I found myself sleeping on the basement floor of my parents house.

Little did I know they were about to get a divorce, sell the house, and I'd be homeless.

I decided to make matters into my own hands before it got that bad.

I looked outside of veganism to see what was working, to see how others were making money online.

I applied what worked and built a course teaching people how to succeed on a raw food diet.

The course went on to make me over $2,400 in just a few days.

I was blown away.

All the money was there the whole time? I just didn't know how to tap into it!

So I kept at it, and it kept making me more and more money with the course.

It became my full time gig.

A full year later, after I had proven it to work over and over, I decided to teach others how I was doing it.

I put together my teachings in a webinar and taught my secrets.

My very first webinar made me over $18,324 in it's first month.

I was ecstatic. 

I called my dad and offered him money to go on a vacation.

I called my mom and took her out for dinner.

The next month I decided to do it again.

But this time, it made me over $24,892.

"That's it..." I told myself.

"I'm buying a Tesla."

I went out and bought a Tesla (my DREAM car) the next day.

Now I want to share with you not just MY way of making money, but the ways of 12 other inspiring vegan entrepreneurs, too.

This is the first and only time this many vegan entrepreneur have been brought together like this.

And as you might imagine, it took me weeks to get ahold and interview of all these busy, nomadic CEO's.

And as you'll see for yourself, these are not podcast style interviews where I ask random questions about their life to get a laugh.

These are the hard questions that everyone else has been afraid to ask them.

I wanted to know: "What exactly do you do for money?" "How exactly could I do the same as you?" 

And with hard questions like this come many, many juicy answers.


People have NOT been making money online as a vegan for a long time.

This is a new thing.

And unfortunately, most just aren't that successful at it.

Most fail and end up going back to working a 9-5 job.

So here's what I've done for you:

I've gathered the BEST of the BEST vegan entrepreneurs and requested they all share their secrets with you.

I was going to sell the whole package for $497.


Because as you might imagine, it took me over 90 hours to contact every speaker, follow up with them all, prepare for all the interviews, do not 1, but 2 interviews with each of them, edit all the interviews, build this site, and package everything you're about to witness.

I asked my friend (who's a well paid doctor) what it might be worth to sell all these interviews.

He told me "$3,000 considering you did all the hard work and heavy lifting for them to organize it, PLUS what would it cost someone to hire each of these people for private coaching session? But, give it away for HALF that amount, so $1,500."

But despite this being about YOU... I really did end up helping myself in the process by doing these interviews.

I learned SO MUCH just from the interviews myself, I'm already a different person as I write this.

This knowledge I now have is now second to none and I know it CANNOT be found elsewhere.

These are vegan-niche-ninja secrets!

So... how do you put a price tag on this?

Well, what would be the price you would pay to be in front of all these people?

What would be the price you'd pay me to do all this work for you?


Probably, right?

But guess what...

Because this summit helped me so much, I didn't feel like I could sell it for the original $497 I had planned on selling it for.

Instead, since it's priceless info, I've decided to give it away.


The catch?

It's only free for a limited time.

48 hours to be exact.

...and there's a part 2 of all the interviews.

Part 2 is for those who want an exact breakdown of their 30 day plan so you can follow along step by step.

And if you want part 2 of the interviews, you gotta pay a little.

That's it!

See you inside,

Ted Carr
Founder of the Plant Based Revolution Summit 

Made With ♥ In Vancouver, B.C.